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We developed an original cup & saucer in collaboration with Blue Bottle Coffee. By popular demand from customers, this cup & saucer used in the cafes will go on sale with the opening of a new location in Aoyama, Tokyo. Three sizes will be available for enjoying espresso, cappuccino, and latte. The items will be perfect for coffee time at home as well as for gifts. Read the press release here.

Espresso set 2,200 yen
Cappuccino set 2,200 yen
Latte set 2,500 yen


Blue Bottle Coffee is commited to local sourcing and incorporates things from each local area into their business. In establishing a location in Japan, creating the cup & saucer in Japan was one of their commitments. Based on KINTO's drinkware TOPO, its designer Shin Azumi redesigned the form. The blue logo can be seen only when the cup is lifted from its saucer ー this design was inspired by James Freeman's idea that "the cafe is a place to enjoy coffee and other elements should be eliminated as much as possible."

Blue Bottle Coffee