David Myers, a chef who owns one-starred Michelin restaurant and is considered a pioneer of restaurant food on the west coast of the U.S., produced and opened his first California Italian restaurant in Tokyo in Yebisu Garden Place.The name of the shop is Salt water by David Myers. The atmosphere inside the restaurant is relaxing and comfortable. The restaurant is composed of a main dining area with a nice bustling atmosphere, a spacious bar counter accessible from the outside, tables with bench seats, and a counter in front of a big island kitchen.


The chef selects Japanese ingredients by himself and realizes the concept of "Farm to Table" by getting them delivered directly to the table within a day from farms. This lets customers enjoy the taste, smell, texture and color of the ingredients.


Many kinds of KINTO tableware including atelier tete are used there.


Chef David Myers came to KINTO's showroom in Tokyo to select items for the opening of his restaurant.


Salt Water by David Mayers