At Restaurant 8ablish in Aoyama, Tokyo you can enjoy Mediterranean style vegan menus served on atelier tete and KINTO tableware. The vegan dishes do not include animal products but are delicious and fulfilling as they generously incorporate fresh vegetables sent directly from farms, beans and grains with good texture, and flavorful homemade condiments.


The tartine plate available for lunch looks artistic on the navy atelier tete Dune porcelain plate. Every component of the plate including the tartine with tofu cheese spread and vegetables, taboule, and organic salad are healthy and pleasing to the eye.


The salad plate which can also be selected in the lunch menu is presented on RIM plate with distinctive design on the rims. With the CAST milk pitcher, pouring pomegranate dressing is beautiful, easy, and drip-free.

20160114164933.jpg 20160114165028.jpg

Lemon tiramisu and nut tart served on atelier tete Dune plate light gray are sophisticated in both their looks and taste. CAST drinkware is used to serve various types of teas and the simple design gives the drinks an eye-catching presence. For dinner, organic wines and sake are provided with an a la carte menu. One of the images above is the dessert served during dinner with atelier tete plate in wine red. If you look closely, you can read "8ablish" on the plate!


Produced by a design firm, this restaurant selects unique items with stories to tell for its food, tableware, and interior. KINTO items are selected for their design, function, and suitable qualities for professional use. atelier tete tableware is born from the keyword "te" or "hand" in Japanese. The pieces created to let you enjoy traces of handwork. Read the product story here.


In the gift corner there are KINTO products along with a great selection of gift items ranging from foods, books, to jewelry. You can stop by even if you do not eat in. The restaurant is great for spending quality time by yourself or with a group. Be sure to check out their monthly sake and food event called "Glass & Dish" as well as gift fairs. Details are updated on their facebook page here.

Restaurant 8ablish