SLOW COFFEE STYLE Sign Paint Mug, New Mugs with Easygoing Messages Drawn by Hand

From the series SLOW COFFEE STYLE with the concept "richness of going slow”, KINTO is launching new sign paint mugs in mid-August, 2016 in Japan. Please check with your local contact for the availability of the products in your country.

The milk colored mugs made of heat-resistant glass add to a relaxing coffee time with five different messages. The messages were originally drawn by hand by Yusuke Kaneko, a Japanese sign painter who was inspired by sign painting in the American culture and its casual style. The mugs are perfect for an easygoing time with coffee.

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The SCS sign paint mug was developed in collaboration with Yusuke Kaneko, a Japanese sign painter. His passion for sign painting developed six years ago while he was at his previous job, working on editorial design where he sometimes hand drew the title logos for magazine features. He taught himself to sign paint by watching youtube videos and drawing on the windows of his house. In his works, the letters are not “written” but “drawn”—his style is to take each letters as motifs and gradually build up a composition. While sign painting is not as common yet in Japan, he wishes to make it something that people can relate to casually. With this mug, KINTO and Mr. Kaneko together bring fun to your coffee time.

“I started working on the mug sign paintings with scenes in my mind of people enjoying coffee and some key phrases to express the concept of SLOW COFFEE STYLE. When I worked on the RAINY mug, I imagined someone looking out the window and drinking coffee on a rainy day. From there, the design of an umbrella came to my mind and I began to build the composition. I usually repeat the process of drawing many ideas then selecting the one that feels best before reaching the final design. Since I draw by hand, sometimes my line goes slightly off but I don’t get too focused on it. I adjust in other places because I believe the balance of the overall composition is more important. I like that in the U.S. where sign painting originated, it is used very casually in places like supermarkets for price signs or discount signs. Through my works, I hope to bring that aspect to make sign paintings more familiar in Japan.”

- Yusuke Kaneko -
Born 1982 in Tokyo, graduated from Tama Art University. President of DAMKY SIGNS. Became a sign painter after working as an editorial designer. He currently works on a variety of projects, from shop displays and logos, to signboards and t-shirts.



SCS sign paint mug
φ75 x H85 x W110 mm / 340 ml

rainy / Rainy day means coffee time.
find / Find your SLOW COFFEE STYLE.
brew / Make time to brew yourself slow coffee.
wander / Let you mind wander.
think / Better not think, just slowly drink.


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