REMIX DON to Tune Up Your Everyday Menu

KINTO is launching REMIX DON, that lets you enjoy mixing, arranging, and making your own donburi (one-bowl) dishes. Please check with your local contact for the availability of the products in your country.

Like remixing in music, with REMIX DON, you can create original dishes by combining different ingredients. “Curry x grilled vegetables”, “pasta x fresh salad”, “fruits x cereal”... the possibilities are unlimited with just one-bowl. There are seven variations; tracks 01-04 illustrate food scenes rhythmically with patterns, and tracks 05-07 highlight the texture of clay. Tune up your daily meals with REMIX DON.



REMIX DON was born out of our desire for an all-around bowl, that lets us be carefree to enjoy whatever meal and give us excitement in the day.

To design a bowl that can be used for various types of food, we sought a form with the depth, volume, and diameter that is "just right”. The patterns of tracks 01-04 were created in collaboration with communication designer Tomomi Maezawa—the abstract shapes remind you of music beats or food shapes and add fun to a meal time. The calm clay tones of tracks 05-07 highlight ingredients inside the bowl.

With REMIX DON, you can have fun mixing and matching foods like you would do with music or fashion. On the REMIX DON special website , we introduce movie clips, recipes by “DONBURI DJ’s”, and instagram photos to to inspire your "DONBURI life".


[ Brand site ] www.remixdon.com
[ Instagram ] remixdon_kinto



REMIX DON track 01 02 03 04
φ170 x H75 mm / 1000 ml
REMIX DON track 05 06 07
φ165 x H75 mm / 940 ml


[ Download ] Press Release (PDF)