atelier tete Pebble, a New Teaware Inspired by Pebble Stones

From the ‘atelier tete’ brand that delivers products to enjoy the subtle traces of handwork, KINTO is launching the new teaware series ‘Pebble' in September, 2016 in Japan. Please check with your local contact for the availability of the products in your country.

Objects in nature serve as inspirations for atelier tete products. The new teaware, with a soft texture and round shape, remind you of pebbles formed gradually from the flow of the river. Usability is also ensured by details such as the drip-free spout that are made by the meticulous handwork of craftsmen.


Unique color and texture reached through many trials

To create rich scenery with Pebble, glaze that are more likely to transform in the kiln are used. There are 4 color variations: moss green with faint touches of rust on the rim, brown that is a blend of deep colors, and white and black with a smooth pebble-like texture. Depending on the properties of each glaze, various factors are considered and controlled when applying by handwork. For example, from which part to glaze first, at what speed to apply, and how dry the clay needs to be. The desired color and texture were reached through many trials and by the careful handwork and expertise of craftsmen.


Usability achieved by craftsmanship and high-quality material

A teapot that integrates into the daily life is comfortable to use, and the drip-free spout is one of the features that ensures usability. The technique of ‘kuchikiri’, using a special tool to finish the spout with efficiency and precision, requires the handwork of a highly skilled craftsmen. Another feature of Pebble is its durable stainless steel strainer. The small holes are beautifully aligned and are perfect for straining tea leaves. The delicate handwork and high-quality material create a teapot for life-long use.



Teapot 500ml (with strainer)
Φ65 × H105 × W160 mm / 500 ml

Cup & saucer
[cup] Φ80 × H60 mm / 180 ml
[saucer] Φ110 × H15 mm
white / moss green / brown / black


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[ Brand site ] www.atelier-tete.jp/en/