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Fine & Dandy in New Zealand supplies certified organic and Fairtrade single origin teas with KINTO’s teaware such as UNITEA and FIKA. The owners, Sarah and Adam, founded Fine & Dandy after traveling through Japan and India and tasting great loose leaf tea which they could not find back in New Zealand. They source single estate teas with refreshing flavor and first-rate character. We asked them about why they chose KINTO products and their favorite ways of enjoying tea.

—Why did you select KINTO products? What do you like about them?

"We lived in Takayama and Izu Hanto in Japan so we are big fans of the clean simple aesthetic of Japanese design. We love KINTO products because they are both beautiful and functional. With loose leaf tea its so important that there is room for the tea leaves to properly unfurl and release their full flavor. Its also very useful to be able to remove the tea leaves from the water at the right time, to get the perfect tasting brew and not all teapots have this option. Because Japan has such a long history with tea, the team at KINTO really understand how to design for functionality which means our customers get the most out of their tea."

—Which KINTO product is popular?

”Both the UNITEA teapots and UNIMUG are very popular with our customers who love to see the color of the tea infusion through the glass. A lot of our customers purchase the UNIMUG because they are so convenient for preparing tea at their work place. We are also very excited to be stocking the FIKA cafe sweet set just in time for Christmas.”

—Do you experiment with tea often? On the Fine & Dandy website, you introduce Cold Brew Mojitos, tea and craft chocolate pairing, chai spiced pork belly, which are very interesting.

”We love to experiment with tea. Because tea has such wonderful interesting flavor profiles it makes a perfect addition to food recipes and drinks. Tea and craft chocolate is one of our favorite pairing combinations. In New Zealand we are just coming into summer so at the moment we are very excited about cold brewing our organic Genmaicha which we buy from a family in Wazuka village in Japan. We are passionate about cold infusing tea and believe it is going to become much more popular over the coming years, just like cold brew coffee is. We also make a lot of iced tea using green tea as a base and adding fresh fruit like lemons and herbs like mint—its so refreshing and delicious!”

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Photos by Josh Griggs

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