Refresh and Relax with New SLOW COFFEE STYLE Cold Brew Coffee Tumbler

From the series SLOW COFFEE STYLE with the concept “richness of going slow”, KINTO is launching new cold brew coffee tumbler in January, 2017 in Japan. Please check with your local contact for the availability of the products in your country.

We introduce the cold brew coffee tumbler to bring you a relaxing time with a glass of cold coffee and let you cool down in the hot weather. The unique emboss on the tumbler was originally sign painted by hand by a Japanese sign painter, Yusuke Kaneko, and then developed into a three-dimensional design. The thick glass wall allows a firm grip and the calm color tones add to a relaxing coffee time.



SCS cold brew coffee tumbler was developed in collaboration with Yusuke Kaneko, a Japanese sign painter. This is our second tie-up after the SCS sign paint mug which was introduced in August 2016. Yusuke has been inspired by the casual style of sign painting in the American culture and has been working to make it more familiar and relatable to people in Japan. This project was realized by the shared passion of Yusuke and KINTO to bring a casual and relaxing time into people’s daily life through coffee.

Yusuke drew two sign paintings which were then developed by the KINTO team into embossing on glass. ”ENJOY COLD BREW COFFEE” was sign painted to express a refreshing image. With the emboss, we tried to convey that image by making the letters of “COLD BREW” to look like cut ice. In contrast, “THE RICHNESS of GOING SLOW” gives a warmer impression. Yusuke used calligraphy and soft lines in the sign painting, and the emboss translates that with round arched shapes. We hope you enjoy the two different expressions.

-Yusuke Kaneko -
Born 1982 in Tokyo, graduated from Tama Art University. President of DAMKY SIGNS. Became a sign painter after working as an editorial designer. He currently works on a variety of projects, from shop displays and logos, to signboards and t-shirts.



SCS cold brew coffee tumbler
φ80 x H100 mm / 350 ml
clear / amber / purple / turquoise


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