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tokyobike is a bicycle company founded in the quiet Tokyo suburb of Yanaka. Based on the concept of 'Tokyo Slow’, their bicycles are designed to explore the places we love and call home. It is as much about the journey as the destination.

Tokyobike Rentals Yanaka newly opened as the brand’s new concept shop. In addition to bicycle rentals, there is now a cafe and a retail section that includes KINTO products. This time we interviewed Shoko Komori who has been in charge of selecting products for the shop.

—Why did you select KINTO products? What do you like about them?

Based on tokyobike's values of enriching and bringing excitement to people’s daily lives, I choose things that I want to use myself or that I want to recommend to others. KINTO’s products are simple yet beautifully designed, and functional. They are also high quality yet affordable.

One of the popular products in the shop is the HIBI tumbler. Customers like to buy mix colors and take them home as a set. The elegant POUR OVER KETTLE with the elegant form and easy to use hinged-lid is also well received. I like to recommend the SLOW COFFEE STYLE Specialty brewer stand set. It makes you want to brew coffee not just for yourself, but also for someone else. I think it would be a fun to invite your friends and use it.

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In this article: HIBI, POUR OVER KETTLE, SLOW COFFEE STYLE Specialty, atelier tete Pebble

Tokyobike Rentals Yanaka tokyobikerentals.com
*Purchase, repair, and test rides services are available at 'tokyobike shop Yanaka', about one minute away on foot.