On April 7, KINTO and Panasonic co-hosted the 4th wave coffee workshop “Prime Coffee Experience at Home.” Mr. Naoki Goto, the World Champion* of coffee roasting, was invited as a guest speaker, and participants enjoyed tasting several cups of coffee which were roasted by 「The Roast」 smart-roasting machine.

*2013 World Coffee Roasting Championship winner


First of all, Mr. Naoki Goto demonstrated brewing coffee using KINTO’s coffeeware and told us how the freshness of coffee beans makes difference, and taught us some tips of brewing delicious coffee. SLOW COFFEE STYLE specialty S02 brewer stand, S01 brewer, coffee jug, and POUR OVER KETTLE were used for brewing. He was impressed with the kettle’s smart usability.


Then, he started roasting coffee beans with The Roast’s machine which will be released in June 2017 on Panasonic Store (the online store). As rich coffee aroma filled in the room, the participants started to relax with smile on their faces.


While the beans were roasted, participants enjoyed tasting coffee from KRONOS espresso cups. For this workshop, 2 kinds of coffee beans – from Ethiopia and Brazil were prepared, and each was roasted both light and dark. In total, participants tasted 4 different kinds of coffee and marked their preferences on the tasting sheet based on Mr. Goto’s instruction of tasting method.


At the end of the workshop, participants were served a warm cup of dark roasted Brazil coffee with a fresh chocolate from “Dari-K,” a speciality chocolatier of ‘bean to bar chocolate’ opened in 2011 in Kyoto. It was served with CERAMIC LAB. CLK-161 ceramic mat and SLOW COFFEE STYLE specialty S03 mugs. Compared to tasting coffee by itself, participants had different preference in the taste of coffee depending on what to have it with.


The comments from participants includes “it was surprising to know how much difference roasting makes to aroma and flavor of coffee,” “very intrigued by the high tech machine which allows us to roast easily at home,” “it was fun to experience coffee tasting while looking at cool KINTO coffeeware at their showroom,” “KINTO’s coffeeware and tableware were beautiful.” We were delighted to hear that participants were not only interested in coffee but also in the space, coffee equipments and coffeewares.

For more information about The Roast, please click here.

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