We are pleased to present the new collection for 2017 autumn and winter. During the exhibition, we will welcome the owner of Goodman Roaster Atsuomi Ito Atsuomi Ito, who passionately engages in expanding Taiwan's specialty coffee, to do coffee tastings and demonstrations with our new coffeeware. We wish all the visitors will experience KINTO products in this event.

[Date and Time]
2017/5/31 (wed) - 6/2 (fri) 10:00 open - 18:00 close
*by business appointment only

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20170518152811.jpg 20170518152955.jpg Coffee tasting by Goodman Roaster

Goodman Roaster is one of the leading the specialty coffee shops in Taiwan. The coffee beans are organically grown and hand picked in Taiwan's Ali Mountain. Taste their rich and sweet coffee served with KINTO coffeeware.

>>Goodman Roaster (link)