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Maison Godillot is a concept shop located in Hyères, France. The shop takes its name from a symbolic Art Nouveau architecture residence in the heart of the city of Hyères-les-Palmiers, where founders of the shop Camille and Yui reside. Echoing the Arts and Crafts spirit inspired by their home, they imagined a place that celebrates the work of the hand. In their shop, KINTO collections such as SLOW COFFEE STYLE, AQUA CULTURE VASE, and UNITEA are carried. We interviewed the founders on their impression of KINTO products.

—Why did you select KINTO products?

We of course first liked the design of KINTO products. It is all original and well made, perfect for modern interior and living. We also like the discrete intelligence, we feel that the products are well studied for an easy use and care, and still keep a minimal design.

—Which product is popular in your store?

All of the selected items have been very successful, but people are particularly impressed by the SLOW COFFEE STYLE Specialty brewer stand set.

—Are there interesting trends related to the products you select in your store?

We feel that people are becoming more conscious about how things are made and curious about the know-how of different cultures . We therefore select articles that let people enjoy a simple and quality life, starting from the love of the everyday life. Not only waiting for the week-end or vacations, happiness starts now if we are conscious, grateful and positive to life!

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Photo Credit: @Maisongodillot

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