LEAVES TO TEA, Bringing New Perspective and Sensation to Your Everyday Tea

KINTO is launching “LEAVES TO TEA”, a teaware collection for honoring leaves and savoring tea. It will become available in October 2017 in Japan. Please check with your local contact for the availability of the products in your country. LEAVES TO TEA is a basic, beautiful teaware collection to give light to the stories of tea—about the carefully tended tea gardens coexisting with nature, the tea picking closely connected to the subtle changes of the season, the distinguished craft of tea processing, the sincere passion of the producers... We invite users to appreciate the roots of different tea cultures, while bringing in fresh perspective and sensation to the everyday tea experience.



—For Exploring Diverse Tea Styles

From the way tea is prepared, made, served, and arranged, tea culture has evolved uniquely in different regions around the world. You can seek to perfect a style, or discover your own with a fresh and open mind. We believe that tea leaves and teaware go hand in hand. As there are countless varieties of tea leaves, there could be freedom to explore different styles with teaware. With great usability and subtle variations in the glaze that creates rich texture, LEAVES TO TEA aims to inspire your exploration of tea.

—Born from Craftsmanship

The porcelain items including the kyusu teapot, teapot, cup & saucer are made in Hasami village in Nagasaki prefecture, where tradition of ceramic and porcelain production dates back over 400 years. Surrounded by the mountains and the sea, the village maintains its rural landscape with abundant nature. The porcelain strainer inside the kyusu teapot features fine holes which are precisely crafted by skilled craftsmen. Each spout is also touched up by hand to prevent drips. Teaware with great usability is achieved by unwavering craftsmanship.



Kosei Shirotani
From 1991, worked at a design office in Milan. In 2002, returned to Japan and founded STUDIO SHIROTANI. In 2013, opened design shop and cafe “Karimizuan” in Unzen city, Nagasaki prefecture. Continues work on the Karimizu Eco-village concept, using design as a key factor to shape community.



LEAVES TO TEA is a teaware collection to bring new perspective and sensation to your everyday tea. The teapot has a porcelain strainer with fine holes built into the spout, allowing tea leaves to open widely inside and release their full flavor. The white is sleek and brings a refreshing feeling, and the black is profound with subtle variations in the glaze. The stainless steel canister with double lid keeps light and air out, allowing you to preserve the tea leaves fresh. Items such as the stainless steel tea scoop and wooden tray also enhance your tea scene.

LT cup & saucer
[cup] φ80 x H55 mm / 160 ml [saucer] φ120 x H15 mm
LT kyusu teapot 300ml
φ55 x H85 x W155 mm / 300 ml
LT teapot 600ml
φ75 x H90 x W165 mm / 600 ml
LT tea scoop
L65 x W40 mm
LT canister 250ml
φ90 x H65 mm / 250 ml
LT canister 450ml
φ90 x H100 mm / 450 ml
LT tray 275x145mm
W275 x D145 x H17 mm


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