GLITCH COFFEE&ROASTERS in Tokyo, Japan continues to provide a cup of value that expresses the character of the coffee beans. Their coffee features fruity flavors skillfully and passionately extracted from high quality and light roasted beans. In the shop, KINTO’s products such as SLOW COFFEE STYLE Specialty S04 brewer, POUR OVER KETTLE, KRONOS, and OCT are used. Following the feature in Barista Notes, we interviewed the owner and barista Kiyokazu Suzuki to find out more.


ーWhat was the reason you decided to start using KINTO’S SLOW COFFEE STYLEE Specialty S04 brewer?

I was particularly looking for a brewer that could be used with the custom made stands that we have, and it also goes well with our shop style and interior. I like using this brewer because the straight ribs allow me to control the extraction speed, and the big opening at the bottom helps me to achieve a steady extraction from start to finish. I don’t have to worry about coffee dripping in the end that would create bitterness and sharp acidity. With some equipments it takes time to get used to it, but It was easy for me and my staff to get used to this brewer. It goes well with the black POUR OVER KETTLE that we use as well.

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ーDo you see any changes in the coffee culture?

Recently I’ve been participating in many overseas coffee events, and I find that the coffee scene in Asia is really growing. For example at the Culture and Coffee Festival in Taiwan, there were many young people in their 20’s lining up for hours to get into the event. In Japan, coffee enthusiasts tend to be in their 30’s or 40’s. In Taiwan, there are many barista champions these days as well, and. I feel that they also look to the coffee culture and techniques of Japan. More and more, I think that people overseas are becoming intrigued by the diligent ways of Japanese coffee brewing and our attitude to keep refining towards the best.


ー Which coffee do you recommend at GLITCH COFFEE&ROASTERS?

Ethiopia natural. It has a tasting note of strawberries. When I visit the coffee farms to buy beans, I consider many factors including when it was harvested, and how the flavor would change during the shipping to Japan.


ーPlease tell us about your future events.

On November 3, the 5th Coffee Collection will be held in Kanda, an area of Tokyo where there are many kissatens (traditional Japanese coffee shops) and coffee culture is still deeply rooted. In order to invite more people to see the value of a cup, we are thinking of fresh ideas. Find out about the event here.


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