The 2018 spring and summer collection will become available starting December in Japan. We are pleased to introduce the new series, DESK TUMBLER and NORI. NEST and OVA will be reintroduced with new colors. New items will also be added to TRAVEL TUMBLER, OCT, CAST, ATELIER TETE, and AQUA CULTURE VASE. Please check with your local contact for the availability of the products in your country.



DESK TUMBLER is ideal for using in the work space. Flip lid is easy to open and close, and is leak-resistant so that it is suitable for carrying around. The vacuum insulated tumbler has great heat and cold retention. Made of high quality stainless steel, rich aroma and flavor of the drink can be preserved. The smooth electro-polished interior of the tumbler prevents odors and stains, letting you maintain it clean and fresh. You can choose from six colors according to your style.

ivory / light gray / rose / moss green / turquoise / dark gray



TRAVEL TUMBLER, designed for a comfortable drinking experience wherever you go, is newly available in 500ml size. Made of durable stainless steel with a sturdy texture, the surface does not scratch easily. Vacuum insulated, the tumbler has great heat and cold retention. As the opening of the tumbler is wide, it is easy to drink from, put in ice cubes, and clean. The cap feels smooth on the mouth and is structurally designed to stop ice cubes and hot drinks from coming out vigorously, ensuring stress-free drinking until the very last sip. With a compact form and a leak-proof lid, it is ideal for carrying around. *Keeps liquids hot above 65℃/149℉ and cold under 8℃/46℉ for 6 hours.

stainless / white / red / khaki / turquoise / black



Designed based on an octagon, OCT is a coffeeware collection featuring clean lines and beautiful contour. The white is sleek and lustrous, while the newly introduced black has a matt textured finish.The rim of the brewer draws a large curve, creating a distinctive silhouette. The brewer can be held easily without a handle, and is designed so that placing and removing the paper filter is simple. The handle of the cup and jug look sharp yet is comfortable to hold, and the rim of the cup is thin yet smooth on the mouth. With elegant form, they are perfect for displaying as interior items when not in use.

OCT brewer 2cups black
OCT brewer 4cups black
OCT mug 300ml black
OCT coffee jug 300ml
OCT coffee jug 600ml
OCT cup & saucer 80ml black
OCT cup & saucer 220ml black
OCT cup & saucer 300ml black



CAST glassware is characterized by their simple and poised beauty. Available in a wide range to accommodate a variety of scenes, all items highlight the lightness of heat-resistant glass and elevate your drinking experience. The new double-walled glasses are perfect for enjoying alcohol drinks, such as whiskey, cocktail, and beer. With insulated construction, they maintain the temperature of hot and cold drinks for a long time, and prevents your table from getting wet with condensation. The proportion of each glass is designed to make drinking and holding effortless, and their elegance integrates well into any scene.

CAST double wall rock glass
CAST double wall cocktail glass
CAST double wall beer glass



OVA carafe made of acrilyc resin adds a sense of refinemet to your table. The matt textured lid in monotone color integrates well into various settings. Designed without a handle, the slim form fits in the door of your refridgerator. The gently curved line fits your hands comfortably, and the round corners make it easy to clean inside. The spout is designed so that drinks come out smoothly and allows easy pouring.

OVA water carafe
white / gray / black



NEST brings a sense of comfort to your dining table with matt texture, calm tones, and subtle variations in the glaze. Rounded around the edges, the items are firm and soft to touch. The plates and bowls are great canvases for all kinds of dishes. The handles of the mugs are designed so that they are easy and comfortable to hold.

NEST mug 260ml
NEST wide mug 360ml
NEST bowl 130mm
NEST bowl 205mm
NEST square plate 165mm
NEST rectangle plate 195mm
NEST square plate 210mm
NEST rectangle plate 315mm
white / light gray / pink beige / brown



Brought to life by handwork, ATELIER TETE allures with natural form and rich expression. Using white porcelain as the base material, rich colors of the glaze are highlighted. Subtly uneven on the surface and around the rim, each piece holds beautiful nuance and expression. The wide range of items are great for creating elegant and enticing dining presentations.

ATELIER TETE tea cup pink beige
ATELIER TETE bowl 115mm pink beige
ATELIER TETE rice bowl pink beige
ATELIER TETE deep plate 135mm pink beige
ATELIER TETE deep plate 185mm pink beige
ATELIER TETE deep plate 250mm pink beige
ATELIER TETE plate 180mm pink beige
ATELIER TETE plate 235mm pink beige
ATELIER TETE plate 280mm pink beige
ATELIER TETE pitcher pink beige



Enjoy one-bowl menus with the bowls and various drinks with the tumblers. The soft curved form of NORI fit comfortably in your hands, and the unglazed rims give accent to their refined presence. The bowls are designed to be the right porportion to ensure enough capacity for soupy foods. The tumblers are simple in form, making them ideal for drinks as well as desserts. Calm tones of the glaze create a sophisticated dining scene.

NORI tumbler 200ml
NORI tumbler 350ml
NORI bowl 120mm
NORI bowl 165mm
white / pink / blue gray / black



AQUA CULTURE VASE, designed to celebrate the beauty of leaves growing and roots extending in the water, is now also available in gray. It is composed of 2 parts—the plate and the vase, which make it easy to take care of various plants. The plate supports the growing leaves such as herbs. It is also perfectly shaped for bulbs like hyacinth and seeds like avocado. You can choose to enjoy it as a flower vase without the plate. Get inspired to start a life with plants.