Gracefulness in action, the "casts" of esteemed kitchenware and drinkware


In the kitchen and on the table, CAST makes your actions more graceful. While reading a book or enjoying a conversation, you sip on a drink and eat from your plate-these actions will have an ease of flow with CAST. The proportion of the glass makes drinking and holding effortless, and the elegance of the canister blends well on any table. You are the leading role, and your CAST enhances the scenes you are in with their uninterfering character.


Concept of "uninterfering design"

Whether it is reading a book or enjoying a conversation, the act of drinking always accompanies another precious experience. Items which do not obstruct that experience was the basis for this drinkware series. The angle of handles places no stress on the hand, as gravity and point of force applied is carefully considered. The brim of the cups slightly spans outward, allowing drinks to be smoothly poured into your mouth. Every detail is for the precious moments of the user-this is the fundamental quality of CAST.

Variety and versatility

As the name CAST implies, each item has its role to play and are given different features to play its own part. For various types of drinks and foods, drinkware and kitchenware were developed so that they are easy to handle and wash. To reach the ideal proportions for outstanding performance, many prototypes were tested. From a diverse range, you can choose your "casts" according to your lifestyle.

Beauty of simplicity and poise standout in any scene

Subtractive design contributes to the elegant presence of CAST. The ideal proportions were closely studied for each piece; for example, the tea cup is designed for the aroma to fill the space and the sauce pot to be drip-free. As much as their functional beauty is striking, when stored in the kitchen they exude a tranquil air-all the more reason they are the esteemed CAST.


Glasses and jugs to elevate your drinking experience

For espresso, tea, coffee, cafe latte, soup, beer... CAST drinkware is available in a wide range to accommodate a variety of scenes. All forms highlight the lightness of heat-resistant glass and elevate your drinking experience. Items paired with porcelain and stainless steel saucers are also available.


water jug
cup / mug
cup & saucer

Heat-resistant canisters bring refreshing air to your kitchen

Kitchenware perfect for stocking foods such as pasta, dried foods, and prepared side dishes. The canisters come with a silicone ring to keep contents fresh, and they can be stacked and stored neatly for compact storage. As they integrate well with any table setting, you can serve pickles and finger foods straight out of the refrigerator.


sauce pot