Craftsmanship meets experimentation

Ceramic lab.

Like a pebble on the beach, it has an organic and pleasant texture of clay. When used, the pieces give warmth and reassurance in your palm. Roughness and delicacy-these are the expressive elements of Ceramic lab. Its production takes place in the traditional pottery village of Hasami in Nagasaki, Japan. Local craftsmen and KINTO's product planning team work hand in hand, employing inherited knowledge and creativity to conceive "new Japanese tableware." The essence of using a creation realized by handcraft is to discover its story. This story gives you the joy of nurturing a special connection to your tableware.



Craftsmanship in focus

Hasami village has a tradition of ceramic and porcelain production which dates back 400 years. Historically, the village has taken pride in creating tableware for daily use, and this is reflected in the exceptional willingness of local craftsmen not only to preserve traditional skills but also to cater to the needs of users today. This yields humble, modest, and comforting creations. For KINTO, it has been 15 years since our location was set up in Hasami. Residing there are local staffs born and raised in the village, with years of experience in ceramic and porcelain production.

Respect for materials

Where long-standing tradition of handcraft exists, there is always an enduring treasure sought by people throughout generations. For Hasami, it is the clay — particularly its clay composed of sandstone. It mixes sand and rocks with Amakusa porcelain stone mined from Amakusa islands. This porcelain clay ensures durability making it suitable for daily use and allows simple dishes to be presented dynamically. Deep nuanced expressions are created by the iron in the sandstone reacting with the glaze.

Shaped by experience

Ceramic lab. pieces are formed individually by pressing clay into plaster molds. The shape of CLK-152 mug series is characterized by a plump bottom and a narrowing brim, which is normally difficult to take out of the mold. However, it is the nature of Hasami craftsmen to take on challenges, and this defines the craftsmanship of Ceramic lab. Molding was achieved by taking advantage of the contraction of the clay. The refined skills and knowledge backed by long tradition lives on in the stable cup form.



Sleek and durable everyday mugs

Made of hard porcelain clay, the edges reminiscent of quarried stone lend this tableware series their distinct clean look. The mugs and plates can be stacked together for compact storage, and the handle of the mug is designed to fit your fingers comfortably. When held inside your hands, the softness and warmth of raw clay can be felt directly in all of the pieces. Calm tones of the glaze bring an unassuming presence to the dining scene.


small mug
large mug
tall mug
wide mug
deep plate

Basic items to feature simple dishes

Usability was particularly sought in this design: stable form with a wide base, sturdy thickness, and moderate weight. The curvy design and the technique of high temperature firing creates a natural expression. This helps to present casual dishes such as pasta and salads in a lively way. They are available in timeless monochrome tones.


pasta plate

Stackable bowls and plates

The bowls come in 3 sizes with lids that can also be used as plates. Ideal for daily use, they give an appealing look to foods which appear daily on the table, such as stocked foods and pickles. The form is composed of simple lines and omits unnecessary details. This translates into a stately presence when used individually as bowls or as plates. They can be stacked and stored in the refrigerator.


bowl w. lid ø90 deep
bowl w. lid ø160 shallow
bowl w. lid ø160 deep


Mats to enhance your presentation

The mats with a simple, clean shape can be used in various ways: as coasters, as pot mats, as plates for sweets and appetizers, under pot plants, or as accessory trays. The sides are cut at an angle so it is easy to lift off the table. There are two colors, black with a touch of bronze and vivid red. The richness of the colors provide a great contrast to whatever is placed on top.


ceramic mat