Bringing serenity to your office, a compact "lighthouse" coffee maker


A coffee maker resembling a small lighthouse, FARO. When you leave your office desk to brew a cup of coffee, people around you can also take a moment to breathe in the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee. In that moment, you may have a small conversation and unexpectedly come up with a new idea for your work. FARO showcases Japanese design, craftsmanship, and techniques. Its sophistication complements the modern work style. With its sleek and serene beauty, it will continue to illuminate your busy day.


Sleek design for the office

FARO is a coffee maker which combines a cup and a dripper. You can brew aromatic coffee by simply placing ground coffee in the dripper and pouring hot water. There is no need for paper filters. With FARO you can have a relaxing coffee break even in a limited work space.

Soft-spoken, sophisticated design

FARO draws its name from the Italian word for "lighthouse." The motif is derived from the appearance of the dripper placed over the cup. When brewing coffee, the richness of time passing can be felt from its presence. After use, it blends discreetly into the office space interior. This soft-spoken, sophisticated design brings calmness and comfort to your days.

A genuine work of Japanese craftsmanship

The key of the "lighthouse" design is the fluid line between the dripper and the cup. For the porcelain pieces to stack perfectly, high level of technique is required. The site of production selected was Hasami village in Nagasaki, where there is a long-standing tradition of porcelain and ceramic production with acute sensibility and refined techniques. Designers and craftsmen worked closely together, producing many prototypes to perfect the sizes.

Usability in the office

For people who spend most of their day in the office, setting up a pleasant workspace is important to getting the job done. The dripper size is minimized so that you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee anytime. The stainless steel filter can also be used repeatedly. To make the mug easy and comfortable to hold, the handle is angled and the bottom surface is made thick to give stability. Even in the busy hours of work, no worries for hastily spilling coffee.


Three ways to enjoy, easy to use

FARO can be enjoyed in three ways: set either the pot, mug, or heat-retaining double wall cup over the dripper. You can directly brew 2 cups into the pot or 1 cup for yourself into the mug or cup. The ease of making delicious coffee is the key quality of FARO. The stainless steel filter is easy to wash and the lid can be used to place the dripper after use-these are some of the many thoughtful details for its usability in compact space.


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