A rhythm found in everyday life, basics for your lifetime


Tableware at the heart of everyday life, now and in the decades ahead. This was thought behind this timeless series. The name HIBI in the Japanese language has multiple meanings rooted in daily life. Everyday in the morning your hands would reach for these tumblers and cutlery. Using it day by day, you grow fonder of them because they feel just right in your hands. With the everyday and the familiar, your own rhythm will be discovered. With something continuous, you find yourself stable and grounded. Simple and plain, but meaningful. We wish for HIBI to be there with you to cherish those passing moments.



Comfort in the experience of touch

How is comfort experienced? Designing HIBI started with this question. The sense of balance when held in the hand. The feel of smoothness when carried to the mouth. In pursuing these functionalities, unnecessary decor was negated and the design was realized to fulfill your senses. Instinctively, your hands are led to them and it is there everyday, right on the table. Your five senses know, they remember that warm feeling. So touch it, use it, and see for yourself.

Sensible size, modest appeal

Japanese food culture has evolved by uniquely incorporating and arranging foreign influences. If what we eat has been adapted to suit our lifestyle, why shouldn't also the utensils we eat with? With this in mind, the diameter of the tumblers and the proportion of the cutlery were made smaller than that considered to be standard in western countries. For smaller hands, they fit perfectly and look effortless in action.

Textures that create a sophisticated presentation

The texture of tableware makes dishes pleasing to the eye, enhancing the colors of fresh vegetables or the steam from a cup of soup. The porcelain pieces incorporate iron and ash in their glaze, giving depth and rich expression to the white and black colors. The urushi-bowl has a gently polished finish that comes from a special method of applying urushi (lacquer)-applying, wiping, and reapplying layers. The subtly varying shades of glaze and the wood grain textures bring richness to your daily table.


Tumbler which fits your hands

Basic yet versatile tumbler -the slightly narrowing base naturally fits your fingers and allows a nice grip. They can also be stacked for compact storage after use. The clear tumbler is perfect for daily use; imagine yourself drinking a cup of water or milk in the morning to start your day. The smokey colored variations give elegance to the table during dinner with guests.



Cutlery to savor your dining experience

Twirling pasta is effortless with the the optimal curve of the fork. Bringing a perfect spoonful of soup is possible with its diligentely calculated roundness. The cutlery is designed to be in harmony with your daily table setting. The semi-gloss finish prevents scratches on the surface. They are great for daily use and for special occasions.


tea spoon
cake folk

Japanese tableware for diverse lifestyles

The pieces are designed to be used casually in modern table settings. The slightly narrowing base of the rice bowl and urushi bowl fit your fingers naturally. Each urushi bowl is milled by the hands of a master craftsman to give shape. With a special method of applying urushi (lacquer) that involves applying, wiping, and reapplying layers, the natural texture of cherry trees is highlighted. The plates have subtly varying shades of glaze and are slightly deepened in the center to allow an attractive presentation of dishes.


chopstick rest
rice bowl
urushi bowl