Calling people to gather and to create shared experiences


Bring together vibrant ingredients carefully cultivated by farmers. Welcome the season with an entertaining meal. Enjoy good food and converse around one table. Donabe, the traditional Japanese clay pot, has long been what calls people to gather as the style of 'cooking at the table as you eat brings people closer. Find joy in the shared experiences with KAKOMI.


In the kitchen or on the table, a multi-purpose pot for all seasons

KAKOMI aims to create lively dining scenes surrounding a “donabe”, a Japanese clay pot. It is perfect for cooking and enjoying fresh ingredients of the season, whether it be steaming summer vegetables or making a warm stew with winter delicacies. The pot made of clay retains heat, and its shallow shape does not get in the way of people facing each other and conversing across the table. KAKOMI is a perfect item for gatherings, letting you share delicious experiences through cooking and dining together around one table.


Steaming, simmering, stewing... suitable for various cooking methods

You can steam, simmer, and stew with KAKOMI. The design is suitable in both form and function for a modern, eclectic lifestyle. With the steam plate in place, you can steam ingredients to easily prepare a healthy dish. Without it, you can simmer and stew to make various pot-dishes. It can be used on gas, induction, or halogen cooktops to let you enjoy pot dishes all year round, even in the summer. As the pot’s water absorption rate is extremely low, it prevents moisture from seeping and leaving odors; you can cook a dish full of spices one day and cook something completely different the next day.

IH donabe

IH donabe 1.2L
IH donabe 2.5L

Cook a delicious pot of rice

KAKOMI rice cooker is designed to be used on gas cooktops to make rice with a delightful texture. The pot made of clay retains heat, and the double lid generates the right level of pressure inside the pot to cook each grain of rice evenly. The rounded shape of the pot creates convection, which prevents liquid from boiling over. Cleaning is easy as the pot's water absorption rate is extremely low and it prevents moisture from seeping in to cause stains and odors.

Rice cooker

rice cooker

Gather around a warm candle light

KAKOMI bagna cauda pot and cheese fondue pot are perfect for a relaxing gathering, with their refined form and glaze that evokes warmth. Composed of two separate parts, the top bowl can be put in the microwave for cooking. The bottom part has a small window that hides the candle itself but gives you a view of the gentle light and warms up your dining table in the cold season.


bagna cauda pot
cheese fondue pot