Coffeeware Resembling Architecture


OCT is a coffeeware collection designed based on an octagon. The sleek form reminds you of architecture and gives a dignified atmosphere to the room. While the items feature sharp lines, there are deep and subtle details such as in the handle and cup rim to ensure comfort in brewing coffee and drinking. OCT is also ideal as a gift to express your treasured feelings for friends and family.


Design Pursuing Beauty

The design of OCT was inspired by an image of an octagonal bottle from the Southern Song Dynasty in China. The common element among the brewer, cup, and saucer is the line and the subtle gradation that forms when an octagon transforms upwards into a circle. The focus was put on how to make the lines appear beautiful. With the brewer, the lines and the overall form are simple. With the cup, there is a sense of momentum created by the lines and the design of the handle further enhance that. Other interesting aspects include the form of the brewer, which appears as an oval to the eye when gazing from above, but it is actually a perfect circle.


Unique Interior Accent

Designed based on an octagon, OCT is a coffeeware collection featuring clean lines and beautiful contour. The rim of the brewer draws a large curve, creating a distinctive silhouette. The brewer can be held easily without a handle, and it is designed so that placing and removing the paper filter is simple. The handle of the cup and jug look sharp yet is comfortable to hold, and the rim of the cup is thin yet smooth on the mouth. The lustrous texture and the sleek form make the items perfect for displaying as interior items even when not in use.


cup & saucer
coffee jug