Design based on ergonomics featuring remarkable usability


"How do we achieve a sincere user-centered design?" RIDGE and KRONOS started with this question. What led us to the answer was ergonomics, a study of designing products stress-free for users based on the understanding of human physics and psychology. "Pouring" from a pot into a cup. "Holding" a cup of drink. RIDGE and KRONOS seek to optimize these two movements. The items require little effort to use and are adored by everyone.


Ergonomically designed teaware

Ergonomics involves designing forms which are stress-free for the users based on the understanding of human body movement. RIDGE optimizes the action of "pouring" with a large arched handle that allows the teapot to maintain balance when held at an angle. You can pour tea with a light grip and just a little tilt.

Lines reminiscent of mountain ridges

As conveyed by its name, RIDGE incorporates design suggestive of mountain ridges. Part of the side surface is elevated and is accented by an angled line reaching from the spout. The pot and the cup side by side create a beautiful ridge landscape, turning your teatime into impeccable moments.

Ring designed for a firm grip

KRONOS glasses and cups emphasize the comfort of grip. Placing your fingers around the ring inspired by that of Saturn (KRONOS) lets you grip firmly and handle easily. The angle of the inner wall is made ideal for drinking. The thoughtful design details give gracefulness and ease to your movements.

Free floating look

Heat-resistant double wall structure is a distinct feature of KRONOS. The contents look as though they are floating in the air and the appearance emanates joy. KRONOS is highly suitable for hot and cold drinks as well as for serving soups and desserts. Functionality of the items is also considered; the wine glass is shaped to enhance aroma and the champagne glass to release fine bubbles.


Pots and cups easy on the wrist

Teapots are ergonomically designed to make pouring effortless. Easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, notable features include the handle attached at an angle and the lid which stays secure when the pot is tipped. There is a wide range of items, including mugs and compact pots that can be used with teabags.


teapot stainless steel
teabag teapot
cup & saucer

Double wall cups that keep warm drinks at perfect temperature

Heat-resistant double wall structure maintains the perfect temperature of warm and cold drinks. It prevents condensation from forming on the surface so your table stays dry. If you place your fingers around the ring, the glass fits comfortably in your hands. Various sizes and forms are available for different purposes.


espresso cup
coffee cup
iced tea glass
tea cup
wine glass
champagne glass
soup bowl