Intimate creations of handwork, to care for and to treasure your daily table

atelier tete

Creations brought to life by handwork allure with rich expressions. Nuance, soft texture, and subtle presence-these are celebrated in the atelier tete series. The pieces are fired at high temperature in kilns with long tradition. Glazed one by one by hand, the colors of each piece differ subtly. With atelier tete, there is an ease of use, and a beautiful transformation to be appreciated over time. The tableware welcomes and embraces any type of dish.



Fruit born from conversations with craftsmen

atelier tete tableware is given life and form by respected craftsmen with highly cultivated skills. What we hand over to them is just a piece of paper indicating the size of tableware. Natural forms of handwork are not something that could nor should be drawn and planned on paper. The craftsmen produce many prototypes on the potter's wheel, while the KINTO planning team trustfully observes and communicates the desired image. By engaging in continuous conversation, one day, like a sprout emerges from its seed, the ideal form takes shape.

Inspiration from natural objects

When imagining the ideal form, the energy of natural objects was what crossed our minds. Like the soft, round shape of pebbles formed gradually by the flow of the river. Like the profound colors of fruits ripened by power from within. Each piece in atelier tete is inspired by the beauty of natural objects which develops over a long period of time.

Scenery of tableware

Minerals in the glaze and different firing temperatures bring about transformation in the kiln to create innumerable expressions. Like the precious encounters in life are infinite, no two pieces are exactly the same; the texture of glaze, gentle gleams of light, slight crackling patterns, gradation and separation of color. These effects are yielded by variations in the kiln and expert handwork techniques. The scenery woven together by human and nature is the uniqueness of atelier tete.

Story behind the symbol

Creating the original mold, shaping of the cup handle, glazing, engraving, and printing—atelier tete involves handwork in most of its production process. As the word "te" means "hand" in Japanese, the logo represents two joined hands and conveys the recurring themes in the tableware, "from hand to hand" and "traces of handwork." The logo which is reminiscent of a flower as well as a shining sun will light up your day.


Nuance and lush scenery

Dune is noted by subtle traces of handwork and translucent tone of colors. There are two product lines, porcelain and ceramic. Porcelain pieces layers glossy colored glaze over white porcelain. Ceramic pieces features a natural clay texture to evoke warmth. All pieces have thin edges with a smooth feel against your lips, assuring you the pleasure of using. Draw bountiful scenery on your table with Dune to give contrast or accent, by piling or laying out pieces in your favorite colors. The series will continue to inspire and impress as each piece possess countless expressions.


deep plate

Teaware reminding you of natural scenery

The finely crafted teaware is characterized by the round shapes and texture reminiscent of pebble stones. Faint touches of rust and the blend of deep colors leave a sincere impression, expanding your tea experience. The simple pot goes well with all kinds of teas from around the world. There are many ways in which you can use the cup and saucer: the saucer to place small dishes or the cup to serve desserts. With delicate handwork, fine details were achieved to ensure usability − the spout is drip-free, and the stainless steel strainer lets tea leaves to bloom widely inside.


cup & saucer

Colored by skillful craftsmanship

Two colors flow freely together like watercolors. The intricate layers of glaze applied by highly skilled craftsmen in Hasami create captivating scenery on each mug. The mugs promise to be your cherished possession.



Hand-painted mug evoking warmth

Clay is thinly rolled out and curved, the brim is slightly narrowed inwards, and glazing is applied. Traditional handwork gives uniqueness and rich nuance to this mug series.


espresso cup & saucer