Customize according to your lifestyle, the long-standing favorite for pleasant and colorful teatime


Teaware to express your individuality. UNITEA is composed of items with the same diameter, allowing users to mix, match, and create their semi-original teaware. The transparent cups and jugs reveal the beauty of drinks inside and their gentle form integrates harmoniously into any scene. Infuse aromatic tea for yourself, or enjoy it with a special someone. UNITEA is a long-standing favorite which brings a pleasant teatime.


Items with unified diameter

UNITEA is composed of items with a unified diameter. Jugs, cups, strainers, and lids can be mixed and matched according to your taste. Customize by pairing the strainer with the jug to enjoy tea with several people, or set the same strainer inside the mug to make tea for yourself. With this series, you can purchase additional parts when you have new members in your family or if you accidentally break a piece.

Designed to let you feel at ease

Set the transparent strainer inside the heat-resistant jug or cup. As you watch the tea leaves slowly bloom, you feel your tension ease away. The dynamic arching handle changes the delicate image of the conventional glasswares. With a stable form and an easy feel, it nests perfectly into hands big or small.

Customizable teaware

Many restaurants and cafes use UNITEA because they like items which are customizable. A cafe serving organic herb tea may choose the transparent heat-resistant strainer to showcase the freshness of herbs. The high quality and durable plastic strainer would be perfect for casual restaurants, while the stainless steel strainer could complement a sleek store interior. UNITEA lets you fully immerse in your everyday teatime ritual. It is a universal teaware which can be used with tea leaves from various regions and is enjoyed by people in many areas of the world.


Interchangeable items in 3 materials and 2 sizes

UNITEA incorporates 3 materials: sturdy stainless steel, transparent heat-resistant glass, and durable high quality plastic. They are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable, easy, and safe to use. The items are available in 2 sizes, small and large. The diverse range lets you choose what feels right for you.

Teapot set

teapot set stainless steel
teapot set glass
teapot set plastic

Colorful and casual mug with strainer

A tea set for one. The small size is available in 4 colors and makes perfect gifts. The clear strainer which comes in 3 sizes can be chosen to suit the amount you drink.



Wooden items add warmth and comfort

UNITEA family becomes more lively with the accessories: cup & saucer, strainer holder, sugar pot, milk pitcher, saucer, and tray. Items are made of glass or wood and bring a warm ambience to the table.


cup & saucer
strainer holder
sugar pot
milk pitcher
nonslip tray