Kakomi an occasion to gather around scroll


Bring together vibrant ingredients
carefully cultivated by farmers.
Welcome the season with an entertaining meal.
Enjoy good food and converse around one table.
Donabe, the traditional Japanese clay pot, has
long been what calls people to gather
as the style of 'cooking at the table as
you eat' brings people closer.
Find joy in the shared experiences
with KAKOMI.

Create Shared Experiences
IH Donabe

IH土鍋 白 IH土鍋 黒

KAKOMI IH donabe can be used on gas,
induction, or halogen cooktops so that
pot dishes can be enjoyed all year round.
It comes with a steam plate that you can place
inside to prepare a delicious and healthy dish. Without the
steam plate, you can simmer and stew to make various pot-dishes.


Cook a Delicious Pot of Rice
Rice Cooker

炊飯土鍋 白 炊飯土鍋 黒

KAKOMI rice cooker is
designed to be used on gas cooktops.
The double lid generates the right level
of pressure inside the pot to let you easily
cook rice with a delightful, fluffy texture.