Exquisite Quality and Design
for Effortless Pouring


Exquisite Quality and Design for Effortless Pouring

Experience coffee brewing with all your senses. KINTO introduces the POUR OVER KETTLE to elevate the joy and comfort of making a cup of coffee with a slow, thoughtful process. It is designed with meticulous attention to detail to achieve the pleasant balance between aesthetics and usability. The spout, lid, handle... every element is designed to make the user's experience stress-free and pleasurable. With a rich texture and poised form, its presence is understated yet captivating in any space.

Compact and Well-Balanced

Optimized for use in minimal space, the spout and the handle achieve a fine balance between function and beauty. Simple yet elegant, the kettle integrates harmoniously into any space.

Hinged Lid for Fluid Movement

Hinged lid stays in place when pouring, and makes opening and closing effortless with one hand. Slightly concave in form, its appearance is simple yet bold. Hinge part is made of material that will not get hot for safe handling.

Spout for Precise Pour Control

Narrow and gently curving spout allows precise control over the pour position, volume, and speed of water. It is perfect for making pour over coffee with slow and steady stream of water.

Comfortably Fitting Handle

Handle draws a large curve on the inside and is flat on the outside. Made of nylon material that contains glass fiber, durability and comfortable grip are ensured. Users can easily adjust the position of their hand, which reduces stress on the wrist for easy pouring.

Well-Constructed Body

Gently curving contour of the kettle allows smooth pouring until the very last drip. With no weld lines between the bottom and side surface, and the opening of the pot being wide enough, it is easy to maintain clean. Spout and handle also connect smoothly to the body, demonstrating careful attention given to the details.

High Quality Stainless Steel

Durability and resistance to rust are features of the high quality stainless steel material. Texture, strength, and ease of use were carefully considered in reaching its adequate thickness. The smooth, flowing surface is enhanced by diligent polishing by skilled craftsmen.


4 types of finishes are available: mirror finish highlights the natural brilliance of the material, matt finish evokes calmness and gentleness, and black and white conveys silent elegance.





Size: φ90 x H135 x W235 mm / 900ml
Material: Stainless steel, nylon


We asked coffee shops from around the world about their impressions of the POUR OVER KETTLE.